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  1. The Teddy Bears Picnic
  2. Words, who needs them!!
  3. And it's Ten Points from me!!
  4. About this forum
  5. Rawhide!!
  6. Oh-oh-oh what a lovely war
  7. From Great Dorset to Vagas!!
  8. Bob and his Dolly Band
  9. Pretty Woman
  10. Oh those Blue Spanish Eyes!!
  11. Doctor Frankenstine really did it this time!!
  12. Roulette!!
  13. Hot New Rock Dummer
  14. Loly in the Daffodils
  15. Five hrs of this!!
  16. Loly's Amazing Balloon trick
  17. Happy Christmas from Lady Justine
  18. Lady in Red
  19. Patsy on Black Mountain Welsh Tour
  20. For ever in blue jeans
  21. Blood Pressure
  22. It was not me honest!!
  23. The Seven year itch!!
  24. Ruby Rides Lynpopo!!
  25. Up the Workers!!
  26. Loly the mince pie Girl!!
  27. Please welcome Amanda
  28. Lucinda gets bare, on the site, really!!
  29. Lucinda with her dolls house
  30. Bobs Real People
  31. Please welcome Taffy to the site
  32. The Royal Wedding!!
  33. Bobs Christmas Present!!
  34. Welcome Bobby, Bobs Girl
  35. More of Bobby!!
  36. We are Bobs Real Living Dolls
  37. More about Jodie!!
  38. A very Fishy Photo Story
  39. A Glimpse of Stocking!!
  40. Better late then never
  41. The Forum Lady's by name
  42. Meet Annemarie
  43. Please Don't wake her
  44. Fantasia
  45. Say Hi to Bobs Teddy Babes
  46. Meet Bobs amazing Anya!!
  47. You would not enter, would you!!
  48. Lady-J went Christmas shopping
  49. 1, Loly reads jokes for Christmas
  50. 2, Loly reads jokes for Christmas
  51. 3, Loly reads jokes for Christmas
  52. 4, Loly reads jokes for Christmas
  53. 5, Loly reads jokes for Christmas
  54. 6, Loly reads jokes for Christmas
  55. The Christmas Tree
  56. Lady-J comes for Christmas dinner
  57. Justines work day out.
  58. Lady Justine at the Steam Fair
  59. Amanda has the flu!!
  60. Support our F1 Glamour Girls
  61. (More photos), Here is Ann to say Hi
  62. Up Stairs Down Stairs
  63. So just who was it?
  64. All new photos, Amanda in black
  65. Lady-J's sale day at the the tractor show!!
  66. Lady-J's karaoke Machine
  67. The night of the big storm!!
  68. Your Golden Ticket
  69. The Dolls Meet up at the Sixties Garage
  70. They found a New Way in!!
  71. A Dress I Really like!!
  72. Long cool Woman in a black dress
  73. Bobs amazing doll Jessica!!
  74. Mirror mirror on the wall
  75. Learn Welsh with Lady-J
  76. Lady-J
  77. Lady-J's 2018 Collectors Calendar
  78. Lady-J's Pub Tour!!
  79. Bob Chairleader is hot and ready!!
  80. Amanda's new outfit!!
  81. Cordies flying Saucers
  82. What do you think!!
  83. Best Grades!!
  84. Katie and her blue shorts, photo set 1
  85. Some Realdoll Photos