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Originally Posted by Carly Travelmore View Post
hi Lucy & Anna nice to here santa came at last
I'm loving them shoes - will have to work on mr Track

love to mr & mrs Fezmonkey as well
love Carly xxx
Love to you to Carly xxx

Glad you liked the shoes. Now we are doing more outdoor shots they became necessary .

Love Mr Fez xx

Originally Posted by Bob the Boss View Post
I could with light up shoes, so Wisey can see me coming in big boots.
Lovely to have seen you at the BBQ, and a very happy new Year to you all.
Bob the Boss
And a Happy New Year to all of you too

Love the Fezmonkey's

Originally Posted by carlys_guy View Post
cute puppy and nice shoes girls but christmas saturday came on wednesday.
happy new year mr and mrs. fez monkey, lucy and ana.

carly snugglemore and carlys_guy
The girls and Mrs Fez had a mini Xmas on the Wednesday and I even managed to cook a small Turkey dinner for them before heading of to work.

However we did the full works on Saturday so we could have it as a family.

And a Happy New year to you both as well, oh and of course all those lovely squirrels xxx
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