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Originally Posted by carlys_guy View Post
hope the other boat is still floating with all the flooding over there.

carly snugglemore
Mr and Mrs Fez went to see the other boat, (my home), a couple of weeks ago to make sure it was fine after winter. All good they tell me.

It is on a floating pontoon so is relatively safe.

Much love Ana xx

Originally Posted by Tina Titswobble View Post
have a safe journey girls and look after mr & mrs Fezmonkey .

love Tina xxx
Only me and Mr and Mrs Fez and Duke are going to the boat this weekend. Lucy is staying home to watch over things.

I will then be staying behind on the other boat as it is my home away from home.

We are planning a busy year so will update once we are there about our plans.

Much love Ana xxx
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