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Thank you for sharing with us the debrief some amazing photos, and story, it must have been hard for you to do that story and the photos

A classic true to life case of you and your Lady's, it's good that you can move on and I know it can only get better.

It was brave of you to bring the case out in the open and stand your ground, They must have found they wanted a way out, and made up what they could to get out of it.

Hope it's a lesson for Police and Border force, every case is not the same, it's like this with many things, and many should not have to pay the price for what others did was wrong

We all look forward to seeing the four Lady's here on the site, do please feel it's home

One question how are you after it all, and did you have offer of any help at all?

All the very best from all here at the Sixties Garage, do feel free to PM if needed at any time, Bob
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