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Unhappy Jag dash wind up

Last night a call from a customer with classic Jaguar XJS he first noted the oil gauge reading zero, the car is 80,000 miles only.

A day later after checking oil and not wanting to run it he noted the oil gauge now reading right round full high, also with key off.

After that he also noted the temp gauge reading full high as well.

Worrying somewhat the customer phoned Bob, and today I went to look at it, classic cars are fab to work on and , new I would soon have it fixed.

Sure enough the two gauges were right round fully, removing the sensor cables did not bring them back, so a gauge reset would be called for.

To do this, remove the dash pod, drop the staring wheel down as far as you can on the adjustment.

Remove top trim screw, and two side screws, remove the lighting switch trims on two sides of the steering wheel, there are two screws per trim, don't fully remove them the trims will pull off, remove the two screws under them, and the two dash trims round the panel.

At the top of the panel there are two trims one to the right and one to the left, use a plastic trim tool to de-clip them, under them there are two screws holding the panel in place.

Remove them and lever out the panel with plastic trim tools, put your hand behind and pull out the two power sockets, there are 2 clips per socket, squeeze them together and pull the plugs out, pull the panel out to the near-side, it will be found it will just come out by the steering wheel.

The panel is now in your hand, there is no speed cable so the job is easy.

Look at the back of the panel, and the print, check it's ok and no burn damage.

Next we will reset the two gauges, to do this, remove all the bulbs at the top, there are a good number of them.
After pull back the print skin, remove all the silver TQ screws, the front will come away and you can get at the gauge needles, with a mach stick flip the needles back round.

It will be noted they spring back, and if the needle is sent to far round it will no longer spring back.

This can and will happen with this type of gauge, they are not like the old heating coil type or mag: ones.

In fact we have seen many scan tools over drive the gauge when running a test, and the gauge needle not return

With the needles reset to zero, they will work again, but if driven to far by a short on a sensor or cable, ign: spike ripple from batt: charger or jump pack, will need a reset back to zero.

The fault here on this car was two faulty sensors giving a short to ground, the car will need new oil and temp sensor.

Remember the temp: gauge sensor on this car is the one wire sensor and not the one with two cables, that one is for injection system only.

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