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Lightbulb Realdoll stands how to order one

Realdoll stands,

To make life simple there will be just one type of Readoll and Boy Toy stand, this stand will hold other dolls with a neck ring.

There will be one light Teddy Babe stand for all types of Teddy Babes, the two stands will have 3 rubber feet, we no longer do the wheels or mods to the stands.

The Realdoll stands will come with the Teddy Babe neck V bar so to mod to the Teddy Babe stand you will just need to order the saddle and neck chocker.

You can add the split beam C/V for the Realdoll stand only, the stands will be for the UK market only and there will be no export outside of the UK.

To place an order just pm Holly Goodhead here at the forum, order time is 30 days.

The price of the stands,
Realdoll stand STD no split beam 130-00

Add split beam, 20-00

Teddy Babe stands 100-00

Black neck chocker 3-00

Saddle accessorie for Realdoll stand 20-00

Mod five for Dolls with head ring 35-00

We wont ship any stands outside the UK, however you can, pick up or arrange the shipping yourself, payment first for all orders outside the Uk.

The RD3 Realdoll Stand.
The TB1 Teddy Babe Stand,

Mod five for Dolls with head ring, for stands 6ft from ground, with legs 2ft, Taddy Babe stands have short legs, and don't work with mod 5.

Mod 5 is 25-00 + post Uk mainland only.


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