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Old 26-02-2016, 07:40 PM
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Smile VW Golf TDI, 2012 plate, EGR how too

The Golf TDI 2012 Plate, is fitted with big long EGR unit rear of engine, it can be seen by looking up from under the engine.

New units are around £300-00 so be sure you know it is faulty before buying a new one.

If it codes for it, make a check, from under the car, you will see the motor, remove the 4 tq screws and pull off the motor.

Fig: 1

In the EGR it's self you will see a half gear,


check it is free to move and spring back.


The gear is controlling this plate in the EGR, if it wont move or it's stickey the EGR is faulty, it should open the valve plate and spring back as seen in


To see the plate you will need to remove the EGR unit on the Golf it's not easy, when it's off remove the housing seen here to see the motor control flap.


And Fig:6

If it is free and will spring back, but a code is still setting, think about motor pot wiring or ECU we have seen some faulty.

Check also the op: of the vacuum unit.


And that the rod and leaver work.


The vacuum unit should hold vacuum when tested with a vacuum pump and the rod should move up and down without sticking.


This help topic is subject to changes without notification. The information within is carefully checked and considered to be correct. This information is an example of our investigations and findings and is not a definitive procedure. The Sixties Garage accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies. Each vehicle may be different and require unique test settings.

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Old 02-12-2016, 01:45 PM
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