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Old 01-10-2020, 06:29 AM
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Default Windows 10 Hidden 'Features' & More.

Hello all,

I’m going to cover several points here, from lost/missing photos to the incorrect or rather misleading terminology found on older (circa 2003) digital cameras, it may apply to newer ones but as I don’t have one I can’t comment.

The Windows 10 operating system and it’s annoying hidden ‘feature.’
I got my first computer in the late eighties to early nineties with the MS-DOS (MicroSoft Disc Operating System), since then there have been several, both upgrades and computers, my last desktop used Windows XP (either the Business or Professional version I can’t remember which), that I still have but is in need of surgery. Up to this point it did pretty much what I wanted it to do. Then I got my laptop, a refurbished HP G6 Notebook kitted out with Windows 10, I had this for quite a while without noticing anything ‘abnormal’ within its operating system. Several months ago I had just finished doing something, saved it and then a message got displayed on the screen informing me that whilst I was doing whatever it was I was doing the ‘program’ had been busy working in the background creating some space on my drive. I do not have a ‘hard drive’ as such I have a SSD (Solid State Drive) of just eighty gigabytes, in addition I have an external 750 gb hard drive that is almost permanently attached and several flash drives to compensate for the lack of internal storage.
I was getting ‘Elina: My Life So Far’ ready for uploading here and found some text documents together with some pix missing. I searched every file in every folder but they could not be found, then I remembered that message. I eventually found them. They had been put in the waste/trash can which has been renamed ‘recycling bin.’ I was shocked by the amount that had been put there by this program without my knowledge, from all my storage devices.
I’m making you aware of this ‘feature’ so you know where to look if anything goes missing, or if you’re running short of space move the most valuable/oldest/less viewed items before they disappear.

Then came The Windows 10 upgrade that happened a few months ago and was solely responsible for many lost/missing photos following uploading. I have and use an Olympus Camedia C460 which used to consume AA batteries, I now use CR-V3 a single rechargeable battery with dual cells. However each time you change or remove the batteries the time and date is lost and it reverts back to its production date, in my case 2003. As I have never had a time and date on photos before, I don’t use or need it, plus setting it is a pain! So I just take out the battery, recharge it then replace it back in the camera, but not fully pushed home, also running a clock uses battery power which I prefer to use for taking pics. When I have finished taking the photos I want, the battery is removed.

Lost/Missing Photos
All went well for a while, the photos were down-loaded from the camera into Microsoft Windows 10 (into Pictures first, then automatically into Photos) in the order they were taken, think of bricks in a wall, the earlier ones are at the bottom, with the later ones on the top. Then came the upgrade and this all changed. Now it puts them in date order, so in September 2020 I have to check for photos at the bottom of the wall (dated 2003). Strangely when I copy them into my external hard drive, Windows reverts back to its original system, without using dates. Example below.

Misleading Terminology
I’m going to state the obvious here a ‘Landscape’ picture is longer across its width than its height whilst a ‘Portrait’ is the opposite, it describes its Orientation. On my Olympus the mode setting has both of these, but it does not refer to its orientation, rather what filter is being used if any. In the Landscape mode an orange filter is applied to simulate or improve the sunlight seen over a landscape (rolling hills/fields). If you use this for anything other than an outside shot it will look hideous! Example below.

Phone Cameras
My Nokia phone camera takes excellent pictures and it allows me almost total control over what and how the image will be captured, but there are a couple of problems. Although it has some memory in the phone it also has a SD card, except it doesn’t always use it, really annoying. Over the years the connection of the charging cable and the downloading cable has worn away the tails on the printed circuit board so I can not download now, strangely charging is fine though.

What I would like
I have what some would consider a basic 35mm SLR. Basic because it doesn’t have any auto modes-except a light meter, you have to do everything yourself, from setting the aperture, shutter speed, depth of field and the focus before pressing the shutter release to take the picture. I love it! If there was/is a digital SLR that does
n’t have auto modes or if they do they can be switched off-I want one!

The date these pictures were added as you can see is September 2020. If I now photograph them

and upload that photo, it will be sometime in 2003.

This is Elina relaxing (or she was before I went into our bedroom with the camera), the first photo is in portrait mode (no coloured filter),

a little closer and in the landscape mode. The change in colour is quite startling and totally wrong.

Regards to all

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Old 01-10-2020, 08:03 AM
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You are going to lose a lot more if you run an SSD at full capacity. They are NOT designed for this.

You will exceed the maximum write cycles prematurely and kill the drive quicker than is normal.
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Old 04-10-2020, 03:11 PM
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Thanks AH, It made interesting and horrifying reading. Think I will have to invest in a larger ssd fairly soon.

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