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Old 22-11-2020, 06:33 PM
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Default The many uses of a toboggan


Just over a year ago I was toying with ideas on how to get Elina from the ground floor to the first floor easily and without damage to either of us. At first I considered using her box as this seemed the most logical, until I tried it. The stairway just wasn’t wide enough. I then started thinking of who else needed to get people to and from the upper floors of houses. The ambulance service have two people, one at each end of a stretcher. The stretcher itself is just a piece of pvc or similar between two poles, so that wouldn’t work. But I kept with the theme and moved it around. Eventually I remembered something. Cardboard Coffins as used by undertakers, these were made of compressed cardboard and resin, this material was also used for suitcases (this material has a name that I have totally forgotten). I then did a Google search for Mortuary equipment. It was here that I found a stainless steel tray-like product, a cross between a stretcher and a coffin, it has a separate lid that turns it into a coffin. Whilst the price was too expensive for the purpose I wanted it for, it had sown a seed, from that seed the idea of a toboggan grew. I found quite a few on Amazon, reduced the quantity by selecting only those on prime with next day delivery. I picked one and delivery was made the following day.

As Elina doesn’t come downstairs everyday, I’m going to say that its been in constant use twice a day for six months, I’m sure it would be longer, but to be fair to the product I’m not going to. It has shown no signs of wear or points of stress so far. There are some things I didn’t consider. Namely gravity, although Elina weighs 28 kgs, on the downward stretch I am holding back her weight and some of the gravitational pull, going upwards at night, I am pulling her 28kgs, plus her gravitational pull and the resistance she creates with her weight on the carpet fibres. Without an accurate measure to hand I estimate I am pulling upstairs at least 30+kgs. give or take. When I have the time (and inclination) I shall use the outside as a mould for one made entirely from glassfibre, with built in attachment points for example two padded posts to go under her arms to keep her in position. Also to make the job of raising and lowering her I am considering a one ton wire rope ratchet used for towing or a chain tensioner used for fencing.

Elina at the top of the stairs…

...and with max zoom, where you can clearly see the toboggan and the furniture transit board.


Bathtime Made Easier,
especially when they wash themselves.


Esjayell & Elina
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Old 22-11-2020, 09:31 PM
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We all think the toboggan as an amazing idea, and looks to work really well at bath time.

Bob is going to get one to powder his dolls on.
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Old 22-11-2020, 10:14 PM
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a excellent idea , would some thing of this idea work ?

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Old 22-11-2020, 10:16 PM
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A great idea. I would never have thought of it!
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