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Angry Landrover Freelander TD4.

System Bosch EDC 15C4, (DDE) Management system, high pressure common rail.


(1), Complete power loss and zero throttle respons.

(2), Poor perfomance across the rev: range.

(3), Interittent power loss and a failure to start.

Faults, rail pressure wiring connections, a green type of power maybe noted in the plug and on the pins, maybe wiring, plug on the switch, but is best to fit the mod switch and the Landrover loom repair kit.
The switch is N/S at the end of the pressure rail.

Faulty elec: fuel pump, (this is in the wheel arch or in the engine bay, with an in tank pump earlier vehicles), a code may well be set (fuel pressure to low for starting).
(Note if the in tank pump fails the bonnet bay pump will start to hum and in time this pump will also fail).

Faulty injectors, it may only take one with to much flow back, to stop it from starting, (Note the injectors canbe hard to remove, even with the right tool, it maybe you will need a new head and 4 injectors ).
The good thing is that we can test the injectors fitted and tell you what ones are faulty .
Here the scope injector sig: canbe seen, motor hot idle,

Gibbins Motors Technology Uk

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