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Old 17-01-2010, 04:58 PM
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Default Ford Transit 2.4 Diesel 53 plate, knocking.

Customers complaint, knocking.
To start with you will need to work out if this fault is in fact diesel knock, i say this as this motor can have a number of mec: faults, little ends knocking, tapping half way down motor.
Cam box bracking and not holding cam rocker shaft down, this giving tapping at top end, and cyl: misfires, uneven cyl: power drop from front to back, or back to front.

If however you can say the the fault is diesel knock, and just rough running, the fault canbe the timing valve on the pump, a code may not be set for this, and the diesel timing will be out.

Photos of the pump timing valve.

It should be noted that fitting this sensor with the pump on is somewhat a hard job, you will need to get at it from under the van, and remove the starter motor, it maybe found that the sensor has had water around it and you cannot remove it from the pump caseing, you will need to get it to move in the pump caseing by damageing it.
When you do get it out, the cable is short, the best way is to cut the two black cables close to the sensor, as in photo 2, move the loom round over the diesel pipes, and solder to the end of the loom of the new sensor, you will only have about 2" of loom from the old sensor, that you get at to do this with, it is a hard job, but one can do it.
You can now fit the new sensor this side of the diesel pipes, as the loom is now longer.
It wont matter what way the cables go round on the new sensor, if you are .
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